Tuesday, June 01, 2010

taking ME out to dinner

yesterday was a great day. finally, we received the much-awaited mid-year moolah.

now, unlike the year-end bonuses that send me to the high heavens when they finally arrive, the mid-year bonus goes directly to spike's expenses: car insurance (spike is still on comprehensive insurance) and car registration. last year, i also treated myself to a work wardrobe. and this year, the moolah was supposed to pay for stuff i wanted to get to prepare for my mom's arrival.

so, together with the rest of the staff, i waited ... and waited ... and waiting for any announcement regarding to bonus. and finally, last saturday, during the office party, they finally said we'd get it monday.

i was excited, i was happy, and i was finally going to be able to get the stuff i planned for mama, as well as pay for the KL plane ticket + hotel. and then it struck me: i needed to find a replacement for my washing machine. and i need to set aside pocket money for my vacation with mama and kit. by the time i added everything all up, i was left with zero moolah.

boo. never had i felt so broke after receiving "blessings" from the office.

and so i did the next best thing. i took myself out to dinner at pho hoa. and i ordered EVERYTHING i wanted, including fresh spring rolls which seem weird if you're all alone and ordering something else. i didn't care. i've been wanting to do that for the longest time and i finally did.

unfortunately, the thing it seems with taking yourself out to a MAJOR dinner all alone is that you end up eating too fast. and the food spree was over too soon.

*image from wysgal's photostream

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