Thursday, June 24, 2010

normal life

for the longest time -- i think beginning may 4 after i finalized the disney booking -- my calendar was on this page.

forget the fact that i had stuff a lot of stuff on my plate last may. my eyes were set on june 4, when my mom would finally be home for vacation after almost 8 years away, and june 13, when we'd be off to our disney vacation.

then june 4 came ... and after that june 13 ... and all too soon, it was june 21 and i had to bring my mom to the airport to say goodbye, and once more my life was, needless to say, back to normal.

next week it'll be july and i can't believe that june is just six days away from being done and over with. and what have i done with it, really? for one, i've stopped injections since may so forget about the red boxes marking june 8 and 22 -- nothing much really happened on those days unless you consider important the fact that on june 8 i brought my mom with me to S&R to taste my favorite pizza and she said it tasted exactly like costco (something which, from the tone of her voice, she doesn't exactly enjoy) and that on june 22 -- just a couple of days ago -- i was mad rushing to finish a pleading i didn't exactly have 100% faith in.

oh, for things bright and exciting to once more happen in my life.

on a totally unrelated note -- don't you just hate scheduling conflicts? see, june 26 would've been my first weekend "free" in the sense that mama would have returned to the US by then ... so i scheduled a dinner with ua&p friends only to find out later that the thing i had said yes to -- going with a friend to cabanatuan -- was happening on the exact same day. two days ago, someone invited me to a leadership training on the same date, and yesterday, i received a text message asking me if i wanted to join tuloy's version of amazing race on, guess what, june 26.

same thing with july -- my raket asked if i'd be free to do lectures on the 24th and 31st of july, but i said, can we move it to the 7th of august since lingkod alabang has an activity on the 24th. they asked again if i could reconsider as something was scheduled for the 7th and it was only then that i *stupidly* realized i'd be out of the country that saturday. boo.

come to think of it, maybe it still isn't normal life for me.

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The Gasoline Dude said...

Petron Calendar! Woot! :)

roxy said...

haha. yep, care of tito rommel.

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