Monday, May 31, 2010

getting ready for mother

a long, long time ago, i used to live in a pristine house. that's how homes are like when you have an OC mother like mine.

and then she permanently left for the US and left the house to me and my brother. and then my brother left and the house was left to me.

then, that's where the problem began. because while *i believe* i have a lot of good qualities, like being able to drill the curtains myself, i am not exactly a house cleaning diva. as a matter of fact, if there was some way i could get someone to do all my cleaning requirements for the rest of my life, and have that person disappear when i don't need her anymore, i'd probably gladly fork over my shoe budget.

i am, however, blessed with friends who love to clean. last year, theo - bless his kind soul - volunteered to get all of my cleaning needs done. he dragged over his best friend floro to help him, and after a couple of sessions (plus one with kuya efren's yaya ising), my house was ready for a party.

so we had a faux housewarming to surprise a friend on his birthday

and another one to celebrate christmas and theo's arrival

however, while my house would *somehow* be ready for parties, inevitably, it would return to its normal state of entropy (incidentally, one thing i learned from high school physics is that entropy, the state of disorder, happens to be the most stable state.) translation: i would once more need professional help to get the house in order.

my mom's arriving on friday and i am in a HUGE panic as to how to get everything ready for her arrival. of course i am crazy worried about how to make everything comfortable, how to entertain her while she's here, how to make sure she doesn't regret taking her vacation here. but, most of all, my biggest worry is how she'll react once she realizes her pristine house is no more.

2 said hello!:

The Gasoline Dude said...

Hahaha go to Petron and get my people to clean your house! LOL

roxy said...

okay lang, kaya na ata to ... kinaya nung maid ni kuya ef! hahaha

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