Wednesday, June 23, 2010

good times

remember when i wrote about my calaguas escapade here?

well, if you want to read more about the lovely place (and a more positive post than the one i wrote), go here.

he's the reason why a number of us went to the island in the first place ... and probably the reason why i foresee more "adventure type" mini-vacations for me in the future. the way he enjoys traveling is just inspiring, and i hope that one day, i too shall enjoy backpacking and the like when it comes to vacations, and not just living the hotel life.

p.s. okay, yet another reason why i want you to hop over is that he posted a really nice picture of me on the island that i want you all to see. but, then again, if you're too lazy to jump over there, here's the pic:

hindi naman kasi ako mahirap kausap. he he he.

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