Thursday, June 17, 2010

hello, world, i'm back in manila

pictures, stories, and comments to follow. for now, i've got to buckle down and start working.

but, lest i forget, a couple of notes for future reference:
  1. i hate how sun cellular omitted from its website that you can only go roaming if your outstanding balance is more than half of your credit limit. hence, no roaming for me.
  2. being off the grid for four days is weird, but actually manageable. being away from work for the same number of days, on the other hand, is scary, especially in this economy.
  3. contrary to the comments i've heard from friends, HK disney, IMHO, is fun and worth every penny.
  4. i realized i love grocery shopping in HK.
  5. money is never enough.
  6. wednesday is crazy in HK.
  7. when will we catch up to our neighbors? i loved the public transportation system in HK
  8. having traveled with friends for the longest time, traveling with family feels different. one must actually prepare herself mentally for it.

the vacation left me more tired than before i went on it. still, i'm glad i had that chance. now, time to work and save up for the next one.

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