Friday, June 18, 2010

my inner elle woods

when legally blonde first came out, i was slaving my way through law school while working as an instructor in the university to help pay for tuition and other expenses. i couldn't help but laugh at the circumstances that brought her there, and how she managed to triumph in spite of all the obstacles that being a misfit posed.

and so, every single time i felt out of place in law school, i'd watch legally blonde. after all, just like elle, i was more concerned about the shallower things in life than my own career as a lawyer.

eventually, i made it through law school, and i (thankfully) passed the bar examinations. i'm a lawyer now, a good one, i'd like to think so, and i'm supposed to be living the life i've dreamed of in the past. still, every so often, i can't help but sit and ask myself, is this what i really want?

this is where my inner elle woods steps in. whenever i get stressed with my job, i relax by walking around the mall. sometimes, when money isn't so tight, i treat myself to a little something -- and being the shoe addict that i am, it's almost always to a new pair of shoes.

so i've got high heels and flats, pumps and sandals, boots and sneakers. and, since flooding is almost always horrible in the manila area where i used to work, i even have a pair of pink rainboots. notwithstanding my extensive shoe closet, i am horribly aware of the fact that i do not have hot pink shoes to complete my elle woods self. if i only had a neon pink pair of anthology flats, my collection would be complete.

i can imagine myself in them now ... at the office on a casual friday, in lovely jeans and a simple top, then wow-ing everyone with my neon pink flats. i'd be so cute (a little self-indulgence here!) i could burst.

and, who knows, maybe on the day i'm wearing my uber-cute neon pink anthology flats, i'd bump into my own prince charming and flawlessly execute the bend and snap ☺♥☺♥☺

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