Friday, June 25, 2010

random short notes

♥ when the box arrived, along came a giant tub with 300 pieces of king leo peppermints. now, while i'm a fan of anything mint chocolate, i've never really been a fan of mint candies (think stork ...) ... until these came along. they're "soft" candies, meaning you can easily bit into them, also meaning you get to consume humongous amounts of these mints in a very, very short time. i've left a 100 pieces with tita mayu and she's equally addicted to them. i'd hate to think what'll happen when i run out of these yummy candies.

♥ i've been following decor8's links to a whole lot of other interior design sites and i'm particularly enamored by all the various places where these links have led me too. *sigh* there are bazillions of creative people out there, working from their homes, selling stuff online, and i can't help but be in awe of what they can do. interested? click here, here, and here. i am especially impressed by little brown pen's photographs, how bright all the colors are, without looking cartoony. i wish i could take pictures half as beautiful.

♥ time has come for me to pay my share of the KL tickets + hotel room we booked using a friend's credit card. i'm excited over that trip, but after i pay for that, and after i set aside money for vietnam expenses (boo to travel tax + terminal fees, and yay to shopping money, and wondering still how much hotels will cost us), i am wondering how to raise money for KL shopping!!!

♥ that said, i really must kill all mini shopping spree splurges. if i set aside money last year to buy a work wardrobe, this year, i think most of my money will go towards traveling. i must admit traveling is infinitely much more exciting than shopping, then again, i might be kidding myself cause traveling simply means that i have to ride a plane to do my shopping -- which is sort of what happened to me in Hong Kong. let's just say i am so glad i don't have a credit card.

♥ since i need moolah, i really must find a way to accept that sideline and pray, pray, pray to the high heavens that i get a lot of students so that my salary will be much bigger than usual. i get paid depending on the number of students. but before i pray for that, i must get my schedule fixed ... so far, no solution yet. boo.

♥ going to cabanatuan for the weekend ... a friend is going to her friend's wedding and i was supposed to drive for her except her car isn't out of the repair shop yet and i don't want to drive mine out too far until after i've brought it to the casa for its repairs. it's been almost a year since the last (my bad) and i must take care of it more now since it is already seven years old.

♥ going to dapitan on wednesday, a holiday. i just hope that (1) it doesn't rain and (2) i am able to restrain myself from buying a whole lot of kitschy stuff. you see, i like kitschy.

♥ happy weekend everyone. much love!

2 said hello!:

Trisha said...

Hi Rosa! Its Trisha, your neighbor. My kids and I pass by your house when we walk going to the park. I'm always contemplating on ringing your doorbell to see how you are. Hope we can meet up one day and have coffee or lunch or hang outlang. Let me know if you have facebook so I can add you. :)

God bless and May you find happiness. You deserve someone better. :)

roxy said...

Hi Trisha! What a surprise seeing you online, and on my blog no less. I hope you're doing well. Anyway, I hope to catch up with you soon. I'm Mars' friend on FB, you can find me there :)

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