Saturday, November 03, 2007

yet another lovely hotel room somewhere in the city.

i don't think i'll ever get tired of this life. i'm 30, and yet i still enjoy being my aunt's dakilang alalay. before i used to be brought to where she is, then i graduated to commuting and now i'm her driver. i passed the bar, and people call me attorney, and litigants have to trust that i know what i'm doing when i decide a case but as far as my family's concerned, i'm just a girl who can drive and ferry people around.

i don't mind. as i've said, i love this life.

today i drove from cabanatuan city to manila to pasay city. tomorrow, i'm going to have to bring my aunt to picc, then i've to go home, get my shoes and uniform for work, then pick up my aunt and bring her home back to cabanatuan. that means i have to wake up early on monday and go straight to work from cabanatuan.


tiring, but, let me repeat it again, i don't mind :)

i love the centralized airconditioning, the hot water, the tub, the plump pillows and firm bed. i enjoy the breakfast buffet, lounging around in the room, and the fluffy bathrobes.

some people would be pretty freaked out if they've been away from home as long as i have been - 10 days last week and so far, four days this week - but not me. weird as this may be, i actually enjoy living out of my suitcase :)

of course, this means i'm almost always missing something i wish i had with me but actually left at home.

anyway, this week's going to be a fun one for me. i've got beyonce scheduled for wednesday and enchanted kingdom on sunday. fun, fun, fun :)

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