Wednesday, December 13, 2006

fell in love with this lovely, slinky, i-feel-so-effing-thin gown last sunday. the price tag was a bit off my budget but at the rate it made me feel, i was willing to break the bank in order to get it. perfect, i told myself, especially since i have two events this december alone where i'd be required to wear a gown.

there was one tiny problem. it's black, and i've always steered away from black at weddings. and since the vizconde massacre thing, i've stayed away from black at big birthday bashes too. considering that one event is my cousin's wedding and the other one is my boss' mom's 80th birthday, the gown is a definite no-no.

it being so pretty, the thought of the pretty gown bugged me for days until i told my boss' assistant about it and my boss' assistant actually asked my boss if it would be ok that i wear black to her mom's event which i would be hosting and she said yes. one event down. one to go.

since everyone over at kikay exchange kept telling me to just get it over with and ask the bride if it would be ok to wear black to her wedding, i did it and guess what, she said yes.

so i rushed (as much as i could in december traffic!) to ATC to check the gown out again and it was every bit as pretty as when i tried it on the first time. but then shelling out that much money means i have to make sure i really, really want it. so i went around. there was this pretty lulu castangette cocktail dress that i loved but they (1) didn't have it in the color i wanted and (2) the bust area wasn't as generous as i needed it to be. so i took that as a sign.

i now have the gown hanging inside my closet. and since it's black, it's going to go perfect with the kate spade satin shoes i've had for two years now and haven't worn yet.


(a bit of a problem with the shoes though. every single event that i've planned to wear them on didn't push through for me. what if something happens to this wedding like what if i get sick or what if the boy can't take me? dang. enough superstition. bahala na si batman)

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