Monday, December 04, 2006


fear of fake invite waaay too premature. invite arrived today.

*insert huge sigh of relief here*

i do not have to uninvite pldt boy anymore.

now all i have to figure out is what to wear to the damn thing. the invitation says formal so it means that i can go all out in selecting the prettiest gown i can squeeze my self into. i haven't boxed in almost two weeks, and it seems like i won't be able to box again tomorrow night so the pounds seem to be piling right back on. gasp! a little more than two weeks to go. i have to go to boxing overtime mode.

and when i do the ab exercise, i must motivate myself by repeatedly thinking the following thoughts: MUST.LOSE.WEIGHT.MUST.LOOK.PRETTY.MUST.FIT.IN.NICE.GOWN.MUST.BE.PERFECT.

whether it'll work or not, i don't know. i am keeping my fingers crossed though.

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