Tuesday, December 26, 2006

christmas is officially over.

since i've been here at my aunt's house since friday evening, i have yet to open the presents i received which i forgot at home. i have, however, received two amazing presents so far - a 512MB card for my camera from my aunt and an SM gift cheque from my grand-aunt. the memory card is a huge deal for me as i've had my digicam for three years now but i've been taking pathetic pics since i've got a paltry memory card loaded and the SM gift cheque, well, we all know how much i love SM, right?

today, i plan to brave the traffic caused by the simultaneous sales that the malls decided to hold post christmas and get a much-needed haircut from gilbert the stylist. i'm also planning on finally purchasing my brother's christmas gift to me - a brand-new cellphone! ok, half of a cellphone, but still, not bad, huh? thank god for baby brothers who earn more than you do. hopefully, with all the mark downs, i will be able to buy the other people on my list their presents too. maybe then i can focus on finally preparing myself for the new year.

incidentally, i decided to give my starbucks planner to my aunt/pseudo-mom. she's expressed how much she likes it and even contemplated on completing the stickers ASAP so she can get her own. knowing how much she loves it, and believing that she'll appreciate it more than me, i decided to give it to her. she sort of doesn't want to accept it yet, claiming that i have spent a better part of the last two months drinking huge amounts of coffee in order to get it but i've insisted. after all, isn't christmas giving up what you love the most for a person you love?

enough mush.

mall. now. i am, after all, still a kid at heart and getting a new phone, well, that's big.

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