Sunday, December 10, 2006

as if the pilot calling me isn't enough, now barista boy has to call too!

i mean, come on.

the pilot calls me at the oddest hours and from the oddest places, with the oddest of requests. the most recent one was at 7:45 a.m. with me rushing to prepare for work, with him calling me from the airport as he was catching a flight to laoag, asking me, pretty please, if i can draft RIGHT THAT VERY MOMENT a letter requesting for a franchise. i mean, come on. what am i? your personal secretary?

uhm, if i may digress, the sad part is that i actually did it.

anyway, just now, after more than two months of not hearing anything from him at all, the phone rings and surprise, surprise, barista boy is on the phone asking how i've been, yada yada. okay, so i heard he's hooked up with someone and he's now zooming around in a brand new civic but that doesn't (and shouldn't) give him the right to disturb my v. v. nice sunday (oh yes it's a v. v. nice sunday, rain notwithstanding) by calling me and making small talk.

but we all know i'm a wuss and, as i've been accommodating the pilot's odd requests and odd phone calls for more than a year now, so there's nothing new in me turning into my doormat persona, and making small talk with barista boy.


when am i going to get a life?

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