Sunday, December 24, 2006

merry christmas!

with whatever energy i had left over, i attempted to buy everyone in my list presents yesterday. my aunt and i made our way to the podium with the resolve to finish our respective lists by visiting the three malls in the area -- on foot -- as parking would cause us more woe than anything.

so far i got most of the people presents, thanks in part to creative shopping and in part to just buying everyone the exact same thing. while doing that goes against everything i believe in, i must admit that if you've got 7 people in your list that you hardly know and might cause controversy if you got them different stuff, buying the exact same thing for everyone would leave you not only relieved that your shopping is done but likewise appease everyone that you love them in equal amounts.

oh well.

by the way, along with the rest of the population, i've also gotten my starbucks planner. it's a bit anti-climactic, IMHO, as everyone else is also toting one around. add to that the fact that it's crazy heavy to carry it on a regular basis and you come up with a girl who wants to appropriate for herself a planner that was bought as a gift for a cousin.

*sigh* how come i wasn't told christmas was going to be this complicated?

but it is christmas eve and i've got family around me. i've shoved aside the thought of doing some last minute christmas shopping this morning and just promised myself that i will finish it after the entire hullaballoo is over.

and, now that i've finally found gilbert the stylist once more and have scheduled a much-needed haircut for tuesday, new year shouldn't be a problem.

merry christmas, world!

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