Saturday, December 16, 2006

why it's even brownout at 9 in the morning with the sun shining brightly outside like it's the middle of summer is beyond me.

i'm supposed to be doing my laundry, but i can't do that now since the washing machine needs electricity to run. can't go to the mall either since all my jeans are in the wash - nothing to wear. i could go boxing but i lost a contact lens last night as i attempted to remove it while balancing a cordless phone between my shoulder and ear. no contact lens - no vision.

and don't even begin to tell me to wear my glasses na lang. sometime in the middle of bar season, i left them on my bed and inadvertently squashed them into oblivion. it's all taped up now and serviceable when i'm at home. in public, i wouldn't be able to stand the humiliation.

anyway, ilang tulog na lang and it's thursday already and it's my cousin's wedding na and i'll be wearing my v. v. gown and hopefully will be with v. v. cute crush with whom i haven't finalized plans regarding thursday yet. he works in makati, i work in manila, we both live in las pinas, and it's a working day. how it's going to happen (half day kami and he picks me up? whole day kami and he just picks me up from work? whole day kami and we just meet at the church?) is still beyond me. right now, i'm just hoping he really put it in his calendar and he hasn't forgotten about it yet.

and hoping that he's not pretending he's forgotten about it so he could skip going to the wedding with me cause he doesn't really want to go now that he's thought about it.


i have to calm down and chant to myself "the brownout is making you crazy. the brownout is making you crazy."

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