Thursday, August 03, 2006

i've started doing "the purpose driven life" and as if by fate, i found "the purpose driven life journal" at national bookstore as i was "resting" from all the crappy reading i've been doing. what's even better was that it wasn't as expensive as i thought it would be so i snapped it up immediately. less that forty days before the first examination. hopefully, by the time the first sunday rolls around, i won't only be prepared mentally but also spiritually.

true to form, i also got myself more post-its that i can actually use. the last time i was at national, i was surprised when the girl told me my bill had totalled more than 400 bucks... a surprise since all i got were post-its and pretty paper and random stuff that aren't really that important. it's crazy how 3M came up with this thing that for some reason or another, i can't live without. btw - while i buy non-3M post-its, i think it's a major rip-off when (1) they don't actually stick to what they're supposed to stick to or (2) the "stick" is so much that it almost tears the paper when you peel it from the pad but barely sticks when you actually stick it to what you want to stick it to.

anyway, this weekend i'll be off to spend the weekend with my family in cabanatuan. the people who came home for ian and anna's/christie's wedding are about to head back to canada so this might be the last time we'd all get to hang out. i'm looking forward to home cooking, chismis, and hopefully, some spa and parlor time with my two aunts.

and oh, how advisable would it be to buy those gym balls? they have a promo at sm (mothership!) for sm advantage card holders where you can get a gym ball for a hundred points plus a hundred bucks and i'm tempted to buy one (in purple!) and hopefully use it with my jumping rope in my bid to lose weight. i saw a feature of it in "kay susan tayo" (for the record i don't watch the show as i hate susan enriquez with a passion for some reason but i was channel surfing and i saw her doing the ball thing and she was sweating bullets!) and it looked like it was fun, interesting, and effective. either that or they just did a really good segment. anyway, tell me if it works... and if it does, i'll be keeping my fingers crossed that they don't run out of stocks before i can make it over there.

happy weekend people!

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