Thursday, August 10, 2006

right now i've got five hours to go before SM finally opens and when it does, i hope to be there, with my brand new hair iron in tow, fingers crossed, hoping to god that they've got a lenient return policy.

see, i know you can return stuff at sm. i've done that several times in the past, especially when a pair of shoes doesn't seem as pretty as it did when i was at the store. what i don't know is if they'd allow you to return something twice.

last tuesday, i finally succumbed to my desire to possess the watson's ceramic hair straightener. it was well within my budget and looked every bit as pretty as the expensive hair straighteners on the shelf. together with half of the population, i too own the tiangge ionic hair straightener (the guang ming kind) that was all the rage four years ago, something i just use when i need pictures taken and my hair has to be decent. so, technically, i didn't need this. but i wanted it, and so, after several days of contemplating whether i wanted it or not, i finally got it.

except that when i got home and tried the iron, i discovered that the plates didn't lie flat against each other. it did straighten my hair ok, but it wasn't any different from the cheap ionic hair straightener. so yesterday, i went to sm and hoped to have it exchanged for a similar straightener which had plates lying flat against each other.

i looked at every single straightener. each one had plates that gaped at the end. so, at the end of the day, i added money and got another brand.

the other brand wasn't as pretty looking. and while it did straighten my hair ok, again, it wasn't any different from the cheap tiangge ionic hair straightener.

a total waste of money, IMHO.

i've my heart set out on a 1800-watt hair dryer. unlike a hair iron, THAT i don't have. i'm beginning to think that all the other hair irons, no matter how expensive, can only be slightly better than my tiangge iron at this point. and since i hardly use mine anyway, maybe it's time to accept the fact that i made a mistake buying something simply because it looked pretty. right now, i'm totally hating the fact that there's no money-back return policy, only store credit, WATSON's store credit at that. so, i guess i'm stuck on getting a hair dryer. either that or i'm going to be blowing my money later on a whole lot of products i don't need.

(or, i'm realizing just now, if they have a really crappy return policy and they don't let me return the iron at all, i'm stuck with an iron i don't even want. and, THAT, is the crappiest thing of all.)

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