Wednesday, August 09, 2006

i finally bought the exercise ball.

i thought i'd be getting a lot of exercise using it. i imagined myself doing crunches on it, doing leg lifts, rolling on it, and the million and one exercises i've seen online.

but my goodness, how come never told me that THE major exercise i'd get was inflating the damn thing. and lest you think i used that puny pump that goes with it, i didn't. i actually used the pump that you use on car tires!

i've spent more than an hour trying to inflate it and so far, while it's now finally round, it's nowhere near the size and "give" it's supposed to be. both my legs hurt, both my arms hurt, i've sweat buckets, and i'm panting like i've never panted in weeks. had i not spent hard-earned money on it, i might have thrown it out in disgust.

i can't even imagine how long it would have taken me had i used the pathetic plastic little pump it came with.

so be forewarned. if you'd be tempted - like i was - to buy the exercise ball especially with the sm advantage card promo, make sure you have one of those pumps you hook up to your car. either that or get ready for the major work-out of your life... pumping the damn thing.

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