Sunday, August 06, 2006

had the most amazing weekend with my entire family from my dad's side. we got copies of the first few pics taken by the wedding photographer and while we were all in a sad sorry state owing to the heavy downpour, the photographer was able to make us all look pretty, glowing, and as if we hadn't had to deal with major downpour.

and, oh, we were all v. v. pretty in the pictures. here's a pic of my foot. stupid to upload a pic of a foot really but (1) i wanted to show my pretty shoe and (2) i wanted to show how my brother can be so sweet sometimes. that hand doing my shoe strap? that's my bro's hands.

pretty tired now but am waiting for my aunt's text message as we're having coffee with them. tita celia and sir are headed home to cabanatuan tonight and this will be the last time we'll ever get to spend with tita nilda before she heads back to canada.

before we all split up, tita celia said that wherever we'll be six years from now, we'll all have to be back in cab for my lola's 75th birthday. someone, i can't remember who, complained, saying that's a long way from now. i then made a statement which shocked even me - "oh, you'll all find yourselves back soon, i hope. i will, after all, be getting married before that time. and you will be coming home for my wedding, right?"

gaaaah. fearless forecast. i just hope it comes to pass.

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