Monday, August 07, 2006

more wit and wisdom from my five-year-old nephew, elok

on my new belt
elok: ate rox, wag mo isuot yan.
me: bakit?
elok: baka kasi maipit tiyan mo!

on my aunt's boyfriend
elok (to his mom): sino yung parating kasama ni tita celia?
mom: sino dun?
elok: yung driver niya.
mom: ah, si mang boy!
elok: hindi yung isa pa. (now take note my aunt only has one driver)
mom: sino, si tito ronnie? (complete with puzzled look as ronnie is my aunt's boyfriend, although we've teased my aunt about the fact that she treats her boyfriend as a driver "with benefits")
elok: oo, yun nga! si tito ronnie!

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