Wednesday, August 16, 2006

last sunday, at his birthday party, leuts sorta complained that he doesn't know what's been happening to me lately as i haven't been posting really.

i do, but then considering the last couple of posts have been about how i've been engaging in incessant retail therapy, they don't really count, especially when all leuts really wants to know, him being leuts and all that, are the juicy stuff.

but then since i'm just in a smelly corner at netopia and i don't really enjoy surfing at smelly corners, here's just a quick unorganized summary of things that has happened to me recently:

1. new guy who asked me to hear mass with him on our first date. 1,000,000 pogi points.

2. and no, he's not the guy i've been pining over since april. a totally new guy.

3. the weird thing? i actually like the new guy.

4. finally went on leave, much to my officemates' joy. they keep telling me to go on leave so i can finally study. i think it has more to do with the fact that in spite of all the studying i have to do, i have a tendency to disturb them a lot.

5. shopping monster has went on hiatus, finally. i suspect it's because of the sorry and sad state of my finances.

6. i watched sukob. it was not exactly the best movie to watch especially when you have such a limited time for activities like watching movies. but i did, and stupid as it may have been, the time was well spent if only for the fact that it was pure, unadulterated entertainment that didn't require any form of thinking on my part. and, considering the huge amounts of information i've put inside my brain over the last five months, any activity that doesn't require a working brain is tops in my book.

7. i just realized i haven't really posted anything about the bar, save for a random complaint here and there. so, in case you're interested in bar news:
a. yes, i'm studying.
b. no, i don't think i know everything yet.
c. from how some students talk, it does seem possible to know everything. as for me, it'll be a miracle though if that were to happen.
d. my aunt asked me what's different between this year and last year. well, for one, i actually got through my first reading and am hoping to finish my second reading before pre-week. but, sad to say, commercial law has yet to make sense to me. i'm resigning myself to a really low grade at that subject. so, isn't it pretty dumb that almost every other person's telling me to go into corporate law???

the posts might be fewer and farther in between beginning today. the first sunday is just two and a half weeks away and i've so much to squeeze in my already much abused brain between now and that day. any extra-curricular activity - including blogging - will have to be severely cut down for the meantime.

so, i'll see you guys when i see you. and hopefully, by that time, things will be so much better for me ... and for you too!

p.s. if you were duped by starbucks to buy all those expensive drinks so you can get a planner, will you be kind enough to give me your coupons which allows you to "personalize" your drink? that is if you're not using them. thank you.

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