Saturday, August 12, 2006

it can't be THAT bad

the other day i received a text message telling me that there's a bunch of people suing kfc because of the oil they use to fry their fried chicken. and, since he probably knew i wasn't going to believe it cause it was, after all, just a forwarded message, it also said there that the message wasn't a hoax as it was reported in the international herald tribune last june 5.

a message like that would've probably deterred someone from eating kfc, even for a week at least. but NOT me. almost immediately after i read the message, i closed my book, stood up, and made a beeline for the nearest kfc.

i just kept thinking that i don't really exercise (except bounce up and down on my exercise ball) and i eat bacon anyway. i don't drink the required amounts of water and my sleeping, at best, is erratic. how much harm can kfc do, right?

plus, kfc makes me happy, and being happy makes happy hormones, which makes you quite healthy. so i'm thinking as long as i kfc brings me unadulterated joy, then i'm going to eat kfc. saturated fats notwithstanding.

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