Saturday, August 12, 2006

there are good days.

and there are really good days. days where you wake up early and feel like jumping right out of bed. days where you log on and catch the girl you've been having "offline chats with". days where you catch your dad online.

really good days are when you skip lunch but your tummy feels ok after downing two packs of cookies someone gives you for giving him a ride. it's when you arrive early but you don't mind as it gives you time to bond with new friends. it's when you're surrounded by five like-minded girls who you enjoy in both serious and non-serious capacities.

a really good day would mean you being able to avoid buying something that's been bugging your mind for days now. or, it's when you do decide to buy something simply because it was on sale and you liked the colors. it's when you're able to say that you don't need another pair of pink three-inch stilettos, even if you'll be able to get it 70% off the original price.

it's when you're able to park yourself in starbucks, plug yourself into your ipod and study like the bar's going to be tomorrow. it's when you're able to find something to tide you over until christmas comes and they have peppermint mocha on the menu once more (fyi: it's grande decaf mint non-fat with whip extra hot mocha). it's when everything else doesn't matter except you and your ability to make sense out of criminal law.

today's one of those days. ain't life grand?

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