Sunday, July 30, 2006

shoes, without a doubt, would be my biggest weakness.

it goes without saying then that shoes on sale are impossible to resist, at least until today when i realized that i can walk away from gorgeous suede boots that cost P599 (and 50% off on your second pair!).

and, oh, i didn't walk away from the once, but twice.

of course i'd be lying if i didn't say that the first time i was able to walk away only cause my EPS account barely has enough money to cover that purchase without going below balance and the second time i was able to walk away cause i had two friends actually physically restraining me from entering the shop, and from using my savings account that i had sworn not to touch.

i know in my head that i'm not even the boot-wearing kind and that if i did buy them, there's only one work outfit that the boots would be perfect with. i don't even know what i'll do with them if i did buy them (i mean, yes, i could wear them, but with what?). and while they're quite pretty and that they'll look perfect with skinny jeans folded up until the top of the boot (see the korea-novela "my girl" for reference!), i know in my mind that with my rubenesque figure, i'd look foolish in them. still, why is it that the boots are still on my mind and why is it that memory of how they hugged my feet and ankles (they felt like they were made especially for me) still persists up till now?

i'm convinced that there's something wrong with me. i am addicted to shoes. it's come to the point that i am convinced it's quite sick how i'm almost unable to stop myself from buying more shoes. thank god that none of the tests they made me take while i was applying to the court covered the area of shoe-obsession. otherwise, i'd never have made it in.

but then again, who are they to judge? i've got a boss who's even more of a shoe addict than i am.

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