Tuesday, August 22, 2006

it's been a while since i last taught a class, unless of course you count the one i did last friday. but then who knew that i'd be back to my usual "teacher" self so soon in the game? who knew that i'd slip back into my old habbit of finalizing my lecture just a couple of hours before the actual lecture itself?

bad, huh. thank goodness for the fact that, well, i do know this topic like the back of my hand. the only difference though is that i came up - for some reason - with the idea of making an entirely different powerpoint and now i have to live with its consequences. read: finish powerpoint with less than seven hours to go before the lecture itself. seven hours should be good under normal circumstances but then if you've to figure in taking a shower, dressing up, driving all the way to ortigas, eating lunch, and setting up in the picture, well, seven hours isn't much.

and, oh, i've got to add "slight fever" to the equation. somehow, the fact that i actually got some studying done on a weekend seems to have shocked my body and reduced it to this sickly lump of clay.

two years ago i was a superwoman doing anything and everything i wanted. now, all i want to do is snuggle under the covers and sleep. 29 shouldn't feel this old.

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