Friday, September 02, 2011

sound of silence

my voice has virtually been non-existent since monday evening and while the lack of speaking voice should not have prevented me from writing (since they are absolutely unrelated), it sort of feels like being unable to speak in the real world has likewise hampered my ability to write here.

either that or i'm just a lazy cow.

in any case, allow me to regale you with pics taken of my attempt at parasailing. as i said before, it was an experience i absolutely loved, and no regrets having spent my hard-earned money for fifteen minutes of flight.


[get set]


p.s. i so wish i took my camera up there with me as the view was absolutely spectacular! while tita celia took a video of me while i was up in the air and during my descent, the boat was pretty noisy and all she was saying was, "pababa na si roxanne" over and over again, which got boring after a minutes, haha! on the other hand, up in the air was absolutely quiet and being the talkative person i was, it wasn't long before i was chatting it up with God thanking Him not only for the blessings that manifested themselves in the weeks leading up to the trip but for the natural bounty below me.

p.p.s okay, fine, i also prayed to God that the rope won't break!

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