Thursday, September 08, 2011

grabbing a sick day from work

sometime over the long weekend marking the end of august, i got sick. it began with a throat irritation which turned into sore throat which turned into a cough which turned into a slight fever which reverted back into a cough and is now on its last stages known as "my nose may be running in the middle of the meeting so you'll have to excuse me if i'm gross". yep, i'm that person. but since the "flashy" (translation: the part that the big bosses see) part of our job in the office involves being prepared for the board meetings (not like i present, but you know, you have to be alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic(!) ready all the time ☺), getting truly sick was not an option.

and now that the subs where i serve as assistant corp. sec. are done with their meetings (and now that the stuff they need have been polished and sent, and the balls aren't in my court anymore), i can finally take a sick day. bless my boss, she didn't only approve of it, she encouraged it. after all, you can't have crazy lawyers spreading a virus around the office.

but this body of mine, i does know how to take advantage of a sick day. i woke up with a bum tummy (must be from eating all that bingo choco-orange cookies) and a nose that just won't stop producing slime. so, i must really be sick. fudge, and double fudge.

oh well. at least i'm at home.

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