Sunday, September 04, 2011

go away shopping monster

there we were, all set for corregidor when sun cruises called us to say that our trip had been cancelled. since we were all on our way to the meeting place anyway, we had to figure out what to do with our long weekend.

trust the shopping monster in me to rear its ugly head because within five minutes seconds, i thought of spending the day at 168.

glorious, glorious 168. it never disappoints.

[my prize for coming up with a replacement activity: hello kitty stamps
i've always wanted but could never justify buying]

[cheap accessories that fulfilled our respective wishes]

[new watches!]

we got there at around 11 and it wasn't until they were ready to close (at 7pm) before we finally struggled out with our packages. when we got to the condo, we compared with each other how much each of us had spent on getting our goodies and i couldn't believe that in spite of the money i had spent, everything fit in two tiny bags :(

then again, i did indulge on accessories (which don't take up much space) and pretty tape (yes, i am addicted to supplies). several times that long weekend, i recomputed how much i had spent and i still arrived at the same amount. boo, rosa, boo.

still - and this is my favorite excuse ever - if a little bit of money can still buy you happiness (albeit the temporary kind), then i'm all for it. saving money is highly overrated!

p.s. again - please don't be alarmed :) we all actually spent way below our corregidor trip budget so we ended up spending less than what we would've spent had our trip pushed through. and since the trip was planned, we had all saved up for it. so there.

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