Tuesday, September 20, 2011

to papa smurf, with love

when my new job became final, one of the things on my agenda was to get my picture taken with this man. oh, he may not look much, but next to my boss and gwapo boss, he was one of the reasons that made the major pay cut worth it. he's the epitome of hard work, brilliance, fearlessness, and leadership all rolled into one and in my great desire to perpetually bask in his presence.

and you know what's even better? after he found out about my plans, he talked to me about it and told me that while he's disappointed that we couldn't work together on future projects anymore, he's sure that i'll be okay wherever i am. can i just say how my heart swelled with pride with that statement alone?

dear papa smurf,

i know you don't read this blog (although with your extensive network i wouldn't be surprised if you actually find this) and i'm too crazy shy to tell you this in real life but you're my hero, and you're one of the few people i look up to, and i hope that even when i'm gone you'll always think of me fondly, cause i know you'll always be my papa smurf.

with love,


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