Saturday, September 03, 2011

attacking KFC's tower burger

you know me and kfc, we go waaaaaaaaay back. so while my relationships haven't exactly turned out to be long term, at least my relationship with this chicken place has withstood all kinds of test, major allergies to chicken included.

so you will understand why after i saw the commercial for the tower burger, i knew i just had to taste it despite all of the comments that i'd just end up sorely disappointed. you do, after all, have to take the good with the bad in relationships. that's just the way it is (so saith the expert, haha!)

a fellow kfc-lover and i then made a pact -- one day, we'd try it together. until then, we'd just have to satisfy ourselves with original recipe chicken (like that's a major sacrifice). so when our corregidor trip didn't push through and we were trying to figure out what to do with our monday morning, we miraculously found ourselves at kfc ordering, what else, the tower burger.

[now, if you see some jollibee stuff in the pics know that (1) our friends who got there first were already at jollibee and (2) yep, we at our tower burgers at jollibee!]

now if this burger was anything like double down, well, i knew i was going to be in for a treat. and if it at least approximated the crispy chicken burger thing, well, that would be great as well.

unfortunately while the box was promising (you know when things come in a box they must be the best the fast food chain has to offer, right? like big mac, or champ. yep, my food choices have clearly not improved with age!), the tower burger didn't exactly have me at hello.

in fact, it felt more like, uhm, hello, are you really there?

cause while it seemed it had all the ingredients for a good time, it didn't seem like it was up to giving me a great time. pretty much like being with a sulky friend at enchanted kingdom. in theory the happy part is supposed to overshadow the bad but in the end you can't get over the bad part. in this case, was it the lack of bacon (which so propelled double down to stardom, hands down)? was it the greasy and not-so-crispy hash brown? was it the paltry excuse for chicken? was it the substandard bread? i dunno really, but in the end, the chicken had too many sad friends that it was bound for failure.

of course when i started out, it didn't seem like it. i wanted to be all commando about it and just attack the thing like i was fighting japanese invaders (sorry, i was sorely disappointed by our trip not pushing through) but while it appeared massive in this picture, know it seemed ginormous only cause me holding onto the stacked burger was pushing out its contents -- you know like what too-tight underwear does to your lady parts.

eep, did i just say that?

in any case, it was a sad moment for kfc (and for me -- i KNEW i should've just ordered chicken which, incidentally, i did the following day, hahaha!). but, there's always unlimited gravy. and in my world, as long as kfc keeps on giving out free flowing gravy, well, it couldn't break up with me even if it tried ☺

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