Thursday, September 22, 2011

this is what happens when i don't have to go to work

{thank you for the warning}

first, a back story. i got the offer on a friday (which was a QC holiday) so by the time i actually saw the job offer and got to talk to my boss, i was a couple of days past the 15th and a couple of days before the 30th. translation: either i don't comply with the 30-day notice or i tender a more-than-30-day notice resignation. or i could opt to tender a 30-day notice and then spend a couple of days jobless. since (1) i won't do a less-than-30-day notice (after all, i teach labor law and this is one of the provisions that gets asked a lot) and (2) i can't afford not to work, even for a couple of days, i opted for the more-than-30-days notice.

which brings me to why i don't have to go to work: turns out, i have a couple of leaves (6.5 days actually) that i can consume as my terminal leave. and since being at home for an entire week doing nothing (yes, there's something to be done but it's so not me), i broke up my leaves so i could go to work (and not be so out of the loop, haha!) and have exaggeratedly long weekends. this week, my "weekend" began on a wednesday. coolness, right?

i was supposed to go to singapore (feeling rich, i know!) but i realized since it's not very prudent so i nixed that option. i was supposed to go to cabanatuan but i told my aunt i have to work on a couple of things that would require me to be out and about on weekdays. so yesterday, after puttering around the house for a bit (translation: finishing build-a-lot 2 on the PC), i showered and left at 10 to work on my errands. on the agenda: bank, have my portable dvd player repaired, and find the perfect small table for my new printer/scanner (since my desk is already tiny as it is).

who knew that finding a small table for the printer will be that complicated? in the process of looking for one, i ended up buying four rolls of wrapping paper, sticker paper, board paper for business cards i want to print out (yes, i have an inordinate love affair with paper), cute foldback clips with hearts, unusual cable ties with a bird that looks the the twitter bird, piles and piles of boxes (which i intend to use for my christmas presents), a new usb (i told myself i'm investing on my "sideline" by getting a usb that'll be exclusively have all of my lecture-related materials), and a chair (yes, a new chair, totally unplanned, i know!). still no table. so, while i scoffed at my friend's suggestion (who i dragged to go on a second table hunting expedition yesterday afternoon), i did end up plonking the printer onto its own box (which was actually a perfect fit for the spot - turns out a table wouldn't have fit there!) after fortifying it with a wood-backed corkboard i had since i was a freshman in college. as it's sandwiched between my desk and my bookshelf, the possibility that someone will see the totally inappropriate scanner/printer storage device is next to zero. i envision it'll stay there until (1) i get a bigger desk, (2) move my "home office" somewhere in the house, or (3) the box deteriorates. i'm hoping either 1 or 2 happens before 3 does. otherwise, i'll be in big trouble.

and as for that pic, i spied it in the washroom over at robinsons bf. while i was experiencing a desperate need to pee (TMI, i know!), i had to pause and read the signage, and ended up chuckling to myself. whoever cleans that bathroom is either crazy thoughtful or has had to deal with a clogged toilet way too many times. i'm thinking it's the latter.

(in case you were wondering, i washed my hands first then i snapped the picture.)

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trisha said...

hey rosa! i didn't know you are also addicted to PC games. i have tons of games such as the games you are playing and also Sims 3 which by the way am collecting. so if you need anything a in any game..let me know what you want because i have lots talaga. :) and congratulations n your new job.


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