Saturday, August 20, 2011

♫♫♪ she's so high ♪♫♪ *

this vacation came with zero expectations and zero plans. after all, i'm not that much of a beach person (i'd rather be trapped in a strange new city with buildings and streets to explore). so while boracay is allegedly the top 4 beach in the world (something i read from the newspaper ten minutes ago), for me, it was just a place i had to cross off my list.

so when someone offered us to go island hopping, i said no thanks. and when someone offered us that helmet dive thing, i said no thanks again. i must be such a killjoy -- i think i was more excited over the fact that our room had two double beds with three pillows each. yes, i was here to sleep, relax, and sleep some more. the pristine white beach with the sand that never gets hot ... just cherries on top of my ice cream.

but as we paused at the far end of station one, yet another man approached us offering the plethora of beach activities one could enjoy in boracay. since tita celia (1) had been here before and (2) was deathly afraid of water activities, we said no again. the major difference though was this guy said the magic words: i'll give you a deep discount for parasailing.

i've always wanted to go parasailing. and i'm not one to turn down a discount.

half an hour later, i was up in the air ready to defy death for at least fifteen minutes. it was one of the best moments in my life.

*yet another blog title inspired by a song ☺

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