Thursday, September 29, 2011

it's time to say goodbye

{biggest send-off sign ever!}

today marks the first day of my pseudo-unemployment. yesterday marked the last day i had to officially tender work for my present employer but since 6 hours was spent doing a lecture and 2 hours finishing up last-minute meetings and turn-overs i didn't even get to say goodbye to any of the people on my floor. at around 630 pm, after packing up the last of my stuff in a big recyclable bag, i bid adieu to the company which i called home for the last 363 days.

after all my countdowns (on FB, on my bathroom mirror, on text messages to good friends) i can't believe that THE day is almost upon me! my aunt asked if i had gone out to get new kick ass outfits (uhm no) and my friends are all asking if i'm excited over the move but, oddly enough, i've lost all the hoo-hah and i know feel oddly scared. thank goodness we had that orientation where i got to meet my "batchmates" and they're all cool and real and nice so i'm hoping that it's going to be all good. i'm keeping my fingers crossed!

the quiet i'm-slipping-out-now-and-you-won't-see-me-again-tomorrow thing notwithstanding, i did have a wonderful, intimate, and totally undeserved dinner party at gwapo boss' house last monday. while the rain was attacking the floor-to-ceiling windows of his gorgeous condominium mansion (yes, it's not a unit - it's bigger than my single detached home and it's floating hundreds of meters up in the air), we were inside partaking of yummy food (and chicken that oddly tastes like chicken joy!) and drinking champagne. his toast and jewel's toast were the kind that makes you all warm and fuzzy and these two amazing people loving me and my work (or so i'd like to think) are more than anything else all the random people in the office can do for me. i don't need quantity, i need quality!

funny thing though cause here i was being all sad last monday since meetings prevented me from spending time with my favorite subsidiary head and his two sidekicks and this morning i get this call from his secretary telling me that papa smurf wants to talk to me. so i was waiting on the line while i was scrambling to get my "work notebook" -- i was prepared to update him about the status of the turn-over i did with the other lawyer -- when it turned out he felt bad they never got to say a proper goodbye and would i be free for a super-dooper (okay - not so super-dooper anymore now that i've blogged about it, haha) quiet intimate send-off? oh wow. yes, even if it means driving all 30 kms to quezon city in traffic.

so fine, my ego may actually demand more than one send-off. seriously though, what's important is that i'm able to properly say goodbye to the people i loved from that company the most, and after monday's dinner and this prospective lunch with papa smurf and his crew, it'd be all i need.

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