Thursday, September 29, 2011


... i was honored to have been invited to eat lunch with two of the people i respect most at work. i know how crazy busy they are, and yet they called me, set aside time, and treated me to a wonderful lunch. crazy amazing.

... i got to run errands that usually fall in between the cracks, including going to this out-of-the-way bank to finally close an account.

... i spent time "preparing" for the new job. translation: a bit of shopping. two dresses, both on sale. good job me!

... i witnessed an act of kindness inside the bus. the world is still an amazing place to be in.

yesterday, i went to work for the last time. tomorrow's my "official" last day at the old job. by saturday, i'll "officially" be employed by my new employer. and on monday, i'll be saying goodbye to the trike-fx-bus-mrt-long walk commute to work and will be saying hello to a trike-shuttle-cross the street. things are ending, and things are starting. but today, today was just perfect.

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