Sunday, August 28, 2011

will work for new shoes

so there we were all set for hi-top (this grocery in qc where there's an entire section for items on 50% off) when i complimented my boss on her shoes. then she mentioned the magic word: i got them on CMG where the shoe prices have not only been slashed but they're on buy one, take one as well.

uh-oh ... shoes on sale. sign me up!

i think i must've tried at least fifteen pairs of shoes ☺ boo, cause some of the pairs didn't come in my size (particularly this brown i-will-eat-you-for-breakfast-if-you-don't-see-things-my-way pair that i was super in love with) but in the end, i came home with three (i split the B1T1 with another officemate ... the beribboned flats on the top of the heart isn't from CMG but from janylin last week. i've used it for walking and commuting that they're sorta giving up on me. and i haven't even paid for them on my credit card! boo, janylin, boo!).

sometimes i can't help but think that all this shoe shopping is a disease (i even wanted to buy this bag, but i held back, if only cause i'm saving up for this fino bag that sent my heart a-flutter, or this other bag i had been planning on getting for my 35th birthday which is six months from now) but since i'm a lawyer, i can fully justify each purchase. for example, while this weekend is the first four-day weekend in MONTHS, i actually did a lecture yesterday. so i've more or less earned enough money to pay for the shoes in the pic above. good job me (pats self on the back).

as for that bag though, well, that's a different matter altogether!

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