Tuesday, August 02, 2011

have old school pink crocs, will travel

as i sat on the beach taking what i felt were artistic pictures of my hot pink crocs (so i'll never be a photographer, haha!) i realized that while i had taken dozens of pictures of my pink crocs in the past (all of which were lost in the great laptop crash of 2011), i had never written anything about them. as a matter of fact, while i had waxed poetic about my merrel shoes, i haven't even thought of mentioning anything about what must be my most favorite traveling companion of all time.

well, probably not of all time. just ever since i bought them.

i first met crocs through leuts. he visited the house for something and my brother and i saw him in crocs. eventually my brother got an orange pair (i convinced him to get them since i thought he could get away with something so bright and outrageous) and after seeing this uber-cute girl in ormoc wearing the baby pink ballet flats, i got myself a pair too.

until i realized that baby pink ballet flats -- while ultra comfy and pretty -- would most likely fly out of my foot should i ride the flying fiesta. so, the night before a slightly impromptu trip to enchanted kingdom with alex, i got myself the hot pink mary janes.

okay, i'll admit it: another reason why i got them was cause i saw this cute girl in smile magazine wearing them and i thought they were cute as well. yes, i am totally a sucker for advertisement!

so despite of all the negative comments about crocs -- how no one over the age of five should wear them, how they aren't anywhere near fashionable, how they're supposed to be for certain things only -- i don't think i've loved a pair as much as i've loved these. i've used crocs in lieu of swim shoes, flip flops, and other forms of appropriate footwear simply because they work. plus, because i've a tendency to overpack, it doesn't hurt that crocs are uber light and can be easily stashed onto the tiniest of spaces without being deformed. plus, because they were designed for boat wear (i think i read that somewhere), they're not the least bit hurt by salt water.

okay, now i'm starting to sound like an advertisement as well. boo!

but while i'll never be a (1) travel blogger, (2) food blogger, or (3) society blogger -- after all the hot pink crocs are definitely a fashion faux pas -- i know i can be the best *bleep* blogger who writes about anything and everything (including her deep dark secrets, haha!). and i'm hoping that'll be good enough for all of you ☺

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