Tuesday, August 16, 2011

let's pretend i'm not going to boracay this friday, shall we?

you know how people are like months before they go on a vacation whch will require them to basically traipse around in their underwear?

well, they start eating less. and they start exercising. and they save money.

me, i'm not like everyone else. so on top of last week's buffet with my boss, my AG's dinner buffet pushed through last night. it was supposed to be at dusit's basix (so we can use the voucher) except that the place was booked solid. so we ended up at cafe jeepney at the intercon. i've never been there for dinner before, although i do remember it was there where i had my first (heavenly) taste of eggs benedict. to this day, i still am on the search for eggs benedict that taste as good as the ones i tasted then.

anyway, we were all supposed to be there by 6:30. i arrived 7-ish. i was in makati by 6 (nope, not excited, haha!) but i got a pedicure trying to kill time, and before i knew it, i was late. but not that late that i was the last one that got there.

so, here's me and ann (with ann pretending to be healthy with a plate of salad, haha!)

clearly, i had consumed my first plate of potato salad. yes, i know that it fills up your tummy really fasts and yes i know it isn't the best thing to eat in a buffet, but i love potatoes. so there.

shy and faith were across us ... and they too had their fill all to quick that faith's plate was empty by the time we took our first pics. love the bright lights of sm peeking through the trees. have i mentioned that i'm in love with henry sy?

it was a bit before che and dory arrived, but let me assure you that they ate up their P730 worth of food as well. yup, that's how not-that-expensive it was.

see, happy faces all around!

while it wasn't that expensive, let's just say that i was a wee bit disappointed with the food. this was the intercon for goodness' sake.

i mean, if i basically ended up eating potatoes with various dressings on top + bacon, you know that i was trying to salvage my dinner with bacon bits. sorry, intercon, i don't think i'll be coming back soon.

now, if you know me really well, you'll know this isn't my plate: i don't hardly eat japanese food (except yakimix/sambokujin, but they don't count, right?).

but that piece of hakaw, well, let's just say that one got away from me. yes, i love me some hakaw.

the desserts were slightly better, and there were a lot of pretty little things to choose from, but unfortunately, by this time, all the potatoes in my system began taking their revenge, and it wasn't long before i groaned my last and told my friends that if they didn't hear from me today, they should send someone to my house to check on me.

and you know why they ought to check on me, right? remember rico yan?

the buffet was a bit of a disappointment but the company, wow, the company just keeps getting better. we're planning something for the long weekend and that's really exciting (i'm rooting for corregidor!) and i'm just glad that i'm with a bunch of girls that i don't only get all giggly and matakaw with me, but girls who have been storming the heavens for prayers for me for the longest time.

p.s. my x-ray results revealed a slightly enlarged heart. i'll need an ecg to confirm everything's normal, so can you kindly say a little prayer for me today? of course, i'm saying everything's fine by blaming my additional fats and/or my bazillions of crushes for the heart thing, but i'm a bit worried so your prayers will be very much welcome!

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