Thursday, August 04, 2011

cebu take 2

i came back from cebu late saturday evening.

early wednesday morning, i was on my way back there. so from having never gone to cebu before, i was back there twice within a week.

ironically, this was the trip that was brewing for months. the other trip, that was a quickie decision. of course, i was happy i was still able to get a round trip ticket for P2,000 and get to stay in shangri-la mactan for free, but i am still mourning over the loss of my pink ixus.

i traveled to cebu with two of my fellow volunteers: cathy and theo.

{cathy i went to KL with. this is my first trip with theo}

we were supposed to go to bantayan as soon as we landed, but the weather was unpredictable. no one in her right mind would want to get stuck in hagnaya (a three-hour trip from cebu city) for nothing. so we did the touristy stuff...

like light a candle at the basilica del sto. nino (run by augustinian friars ... my favorite kind!)

and go to the magellan's cross

of course, no trip to cebu would be right if one didn't partake of the goodies (aka food!)

so i tried the kamias at zubochon as recommended by my good friend tin

and i followed my long lost twin's advice by eating at larsian

and at golden cowrie

and the bacon siomai at harbor city (which i mistakenly tweeted as golden harbor which caused him to panic lest i find myself eating at a place without bacon siomai)

it was a relatively long trip (for me) so i was pretty happy when it was time to go home.

more details to follow! am having problems uploading pics using my broadband wireless stick :(

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