Monday, August 01, 2011

wag mo ako kalimutan pag sikat ka na!

{my gb's famous!}

three years ago, i met dek. he had a nice dslr camera and i think i didn't have a camera then so i immediately befriended him.

let's just say that i hit it off with him immediately. him, probably he was just being nice. or was overwhelmed by my kakulitan that he had no choice but to be my friend as well.

i call dek gb, short for guardian brother, cause he always reminded me to (1) drink lots of water, (2) eat proper meals, and (3) don't text while driving. he was there when i went through the icky drama of 2008, listened to my crazy horrible dating experiences, and affirmed (or negated, if need be) all the decisions i've made in the past three years. and you know what's funny? we've seen each other a grand total of three times in the past three years: when we met, during an easter celebration in 2009, and last year when my tuloy friends and i visited a center in pampanga. it's more than halfway through 2011 already, maybe i should schedule a meet-up soon!

in any case - and the post isn't supposed to be about our friendship story - on our way back to manila, i saw that cebu pacific's august 2011 smile magazine had a bit of a feature on pampanga and that his family's resto was featured! as a friend, i couldn't help but feel proud!

you know what's ironic though? even though he's cut short our text/phone conversations innumerable times cause he had to go chop sisig already, i've never tried it out! crazy, huh?

p.s. here's a link to the online version, although the august 2011 issue isn't up yet.

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Anonymous said...

im touched sobra, ngayon ko lang nabasa to :) thank FS, love you mwuah mwuah mwuah !!!!

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