Sunday, August 14, 2011

making the most of my sunday

after being on my feet for almost six hours yesterday (the things i do to fund my magasotos self), i crashed the moment i got home. and while i was dying on my bed, i promised myself that i'd spend the entire day recuperating.

of course the day that i promised to be dead to the world is the day i end up waking early ... even without an alarm clock. by 7 i was online. by 8:30, i was bored. i figured, i should try to do something productive this sunday. so i made some plans and tweeted about them.

the idea was to be up and about by 9:00. by 8:59, i was ready to just spend the entire day sleeping.

then my laptop died. it was time to go.

{i've totally stopped working on my desk entirely!}

{9:00 a.m. ... time to transform from this ...}

{... to this. okay, fine, not a major improvement, but clean enough for the public to view}

{autobots, roll out!}

{bright and early to get one of the few remaining free parking places at ATC}

{mass at the st. jerome courtyard}

{last day of the accessorize sale! limited myself to two goodies only}

{burger king for lunch ... with the sundae that accidentally received a sprinkling of salt!}

{temporary chair bought!}

it was productive alright ... and while i didn't get to buy the chair i wanted -- one didn't feel as comfy as i wanted it to be and the other one wasn't in a color that would fit my room -- i was able to buy one that (1) was 1/3 cheaper (2) would fit right in my room and (3) would be functional to be used elsewhere in the house once i find the perfect chair.

happy sunday!

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