Monday, August 22, 2011

flying seair

you know how they previously had jokes about the tiny airplanes of the low cost carriers? like how you'd fly out an asian and arrive a spirit? well, they never really scared me. i'd like to think i'm the fearless kind.

but, i guess it was also cause i never flew using these airlines either. so when my turn came to fly seair, there was a teeny tiny part of me that was slightly afraid. but just teeny tiny, after all, the flight came as part of a great deal, and a great deal is always big in my book.

we were originally set to fly out at 8:30 thereabouts, but a week earlier, we were informed that we will be flying at 9:30 am instead. no worries. but apparently if (1) everyone's already there and (2) the plane's already there, they fly out ASAP.

our plane was a thirty-seater affair with two pilots and one flight attendant. it was no frills - you get it, you load your bags in the overhead compartment (which tita celia loved cause she could easily reach it), and you take a seat. the perpetual noise could get to you but the excitement of flying soooo low gets to me all the time -- i loved being able to view the terrain below and wonder in my mind exactly where we were at any given time.

don't be fooled by the seating arrangement which is basically a choice between a-d-f only. at first tita celia was like, "why are we seated apart?" only to realize that all "a" seats are on one side of the plane and is an aisle and window seat all rolled into one. perfect for those people who want the view and the ease of going to the bathroom.

i am totally in love with seair! superb service + quick flights + hassle-free check-in, boarding, and baggage claim. and since they now fly to macau (which is one of the destinations i plan to visit next), well, guess who's perusing their website for great deals right this minute.

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