Sunday, July 17, 2011

the discovery of dorothy perkins

{well, hello, dorothy perkins. so lovely to have met you!}

i don't know whether to be bothered by it or not but i've never been a mango girl. all my friends have at least one mango piece in their closets, and i can name two or three who have more than a handful of mango stuff but me, i have yet to buy something mango for myself.

oh, wait, i have a pair of black mango pumps and a mango clutch, both of which aren't in rotation anymore for reasons i can't think of right now, so there, it's virtually a mango-free closet.

so, you must understand why i wasn't terribly excited with the opening of forever 21. i thought it was going to be yet another place where stuff won't fit me. but then, lo and behold, stuff did, and, boom, i ended up with two tops and one bag from forever 21.

still, it didn't give me the confidence to shop in all those trendy + cheap foreign brands that have been popping up all over metro manila. so, when gay invited me to check out dorothy perkins yesterday, i wasn't so sure. it was either bound to (1) be too small for me or (2) too expensive for my budget.

lo and behold -- they have big sizes. and things were on 50% off. oh wait, in certain cases, things were 70% off. if that didn't spell L.O.V.E. in giant letters, i don't know what else will.

so i made off with a couple of things. had my budget allowed it, i would've probably shopped more, but there's this reminder on my work pc to save, so i attempted to heed the reminder, if only a bit.

{electric pleats ... do they still call it that?}

{loving the dark wash of this denim skirt}

{the eyelet detail on this skirt sold it for me! okay fine, plus it makes me look thinner}

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