Friday, July 22, 2011

i couldn't have asked for a better way to get over the loss of a lovely pink camera

twelve hours ago, i posted about the loss of my lovely pink camera. being in cebu's slice of heaven has all the more highlight the loss, but at the same time, i couldn't think of a better place where i could recuperate from the devastation (all drama aside, it's devastating not only cause i'm disappointed with the airport personnel, but also with my own stupidity) known as i-am-the-victim-of-a-theft.

still, there are trickles of blessing. tita celia lent me her camera and told me i can bring it with me on vacation next week. an awaited call came. and, come on, i'm in shangri-la mactan!

{the aldo aviators, and what shang claims is "the key to a perfect stay"}

of course, i can't help but miss my camera even more -- for the life of me, i can't figure out why this camera does not have a macro setting. frustrating, isn't it?

{comfy and if i weren't in a wonderful resort, i wouldn't mind sleeping all day}

{view from the balcony}

{it's all in the details -- Mangifera Indica with instructions how to slice and eat them}

{sat on a beach chair and devoured the newspaper while basking in the early morning sun}

p.s. a very happy birthday to a friend who i shared a crush with in 4th year high school, a former student, and the friend who willingly brought me to the airport yesterday. none of them read this blog -- haha! -- but a happy birthday nonetheless!

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