Thursday, July 21, 2011

oh bugger

i had a nice post planned. it was supposed to talk about how this was my first solo plane trip. i was also planning on blogging how i felt so alta as i didn't hesitate on paying for the shang mactan airport transfer and how i ended up in a huge van all by myself.

as a matter of fact, i was planning on taking pictures of the van when i found out that someone had stolen my camera from my check-in luggage.

backtrack: i wasn't supposed to check it in, i wanted it to be my carry-on. but, since the ground crew asked me to check it in, i did. and in the flurry of taking out my laptop from the bag, i had forgotten about my camera which i packed together with the charger and the other batteries. and, oh, i didn't have cable ties ready. so, a bag with no locks.

so imagine my surprise when i grabbed the camera pouch from inside the bigger pouch with all the camera peripherals, battery charger, and phone charger and realized i held in my hand an empty case. talagang camera lang ang kinuha.

so there. zest air -- i officially hate you. cebu -- we've started on the wrong foot. and old domestic airport, your bathrooms may be pretty, your wifi may work magnificently. but at least one of your staff is a thief, and not all the tissue and flushing toilets in the world can change that.

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