Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the one that *almost* got away

last weekend was a battle of the wills. the trip to dorothy perkins was certainly unplanned, especially taking into account the forthcoming trips (one of which was likewise unplanned, ha!ha!) i will be taking in the next two months. so by the time i stumbled upon goodies at rustan's red tag, well, i wasn't in the best position to actually buy anything anymore.

wait, to begin with, i shouldn't even be buying anything, but what the heck, am good with juggling finances, even if it means i will have to use del fabric softener instead of downy, haha!

in any case, i figured, what are the chances i'd find something amazing in red tag, right? after all, it's a hit or miss place -- once, i lucked upon really cheap shoes, but recently, i haven't had much luck.

then i saw this jersey french connection dress. i didn't think it would fit perfectly, but it did. and it was DIVINE! staring at myself in the mirror, i was like, i have a waistline! i was so excited over the dress that i had to ask the sales attendant to call gay so that gay could weigh in on the dress. and she agreed - it would be the perfect outfit to wear to this certain person's wedding.

the thing is, it was buy one take one. i needed a take one, and there wasn't a suitable take one option. oh there was this top, but it was a wee bit tight (i figured a month of no rice and no junk food could take care of that problem, i hope) and its price was way off the jersey dress, so the take one wouldn't be that great a deal. plus, as i said earlier, i had just plunked down my card for stuff at dorothy perkins. i really should be more prudent.

so i hemmed and i hawed, and i even convinced the sales attendant to send me a text message should this other customer not buy this dress which I had been eyeing. since no text arrived, i figured, oh well, i should just walk away. after all, i had another dress in my closet begging to be worn to that certain someone's wedding. but that would require two months of no rice and no junk food + honest-to-goodness exercise before i fit into it. yes, i have a thing for "dreaming" a thinner me.

but sunday came and i was still thinking about the dress. i was watching episode after episode of big bang theory season 4 and all i could think about was the dress. i went out with friends and all i could think of was the dress. it almost like the feeling you get when you remember the perfect question to ask a witness right after you say, "no more questions for this witness, your honor."

so, i sent a text message to gay to ask her to get it for me. because she was otherwise occupied sunday afternoon (he, he, he, gay!!!) she promised to get it for me monday (okay, fine, it was my fault cause i failed to answer her call when she was confirming the dress size and she had to catch a mass near her place). i was in a bit of a panic though -- what if this dress got away???

but then, it didn't. as of lunch yesterday, the dress is now mine (well, will be mine after i pay gay for it, haha!). and so is the blouse which will require no rice and no junkfood for one week.

so guess who ate nothing but kalabasa for lunch?

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gay said...

"otherwise occupied!" haha! but wow, you must really love that dress! i noticed that it's black pala. para talagang pang- itigil ang kasal! haha!

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