Thursday, July 07, 2011

no passport required

{finally, the eTicket}

while i would've been thrilled at the possibility of using my passport in its new passport holder and hie off to some fabulous location *ehem*cambodia*ehem*, i'm not. rather in fifteen days, i shall be flying off to the wonderful island of mactan.

cebu has always been that elusive destination for me. i guess the love affair began when i developed a huge crush on this boy from mactan. trips were planned but never made, and at one point, i was overly excited when a friend had a possible work prospect in cebu. that never panned out, and the crush eventually waned but cebu, well, the desire to go to cebu just grew and grew and grew.

last year, cebu and i had a "near meet" -- i got offered a short-term engagement for a supreme court project and i had a choice between cebu and bohol. since i visited bohol the year before, and since it was cebu (B! remember the commercial? or am i way too old?), the obvious choice was the latter. a week later, i was informed that another lawyer had beat me to cebu so would bohol be okay? fine. bohol take two it is.

early this year, i was one of the crazy ones who hounded the cebu pacific website when there was a piso fare sale. and, when texting eight other people with different destination goals and different schedules and different desires while praying to dear god i don't get booted out of the website got to be too much, i made a declaration: cebu it is and whoever wants to go may come. i had two other yesses and so, the cebu trip, for less than P800 for the round trip ticket, was booked.

and then, as i said in this post, tita celia texted, i computed my dwindling budget, and searched online, and P2,060.00 later, i was the proud owner of a roundtrip zest air ticket to, where else, cebu (B! yes, i'm makulit like that). so, come july, i'll be seeing my dream province not once, but twice: the first, to bum around shang mactan as tita celia's mascot, and the second, to cavort around with theo (first time!) and cathy.

i've no doubt it'll be exciting, and fun, and (sad to say) that money will be spent. but it's okay. after all, it's been a dream since forever (okay, fine, since 2007!) and it's CEBU (B!)

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