Wednesday, July 06, 2011

best way to start one's monday

i've said it then and i'll say it again: i am a sucker for presents. presents make my day. presents make me happy. presents can turn my foul mood 180 degrees around.

so, while mondays are usually horrible and grumpy and sleep-deprived, my july fourth started out fabulous cause i got this.

{presents are even better when there's a lovely note attached to it!}

{it's from accessorize, a store i learned to love, thanks to the boss}

{it's a passport holder!}

a short background: i regretted not buying the kipling passport holder when i went to vietnam last year, especially when i saw my friend using one as a wallet. when i spied this at the accessorize sale last january/february, it still wasn't on sale. so i made a pledge to buy it when it does. i pointed it out to my boss when we went to robinsons manila and asked her if she could get it for me once it goes on 50% sale. she did, but she said it was a gift. isn't she the best?

you expect bosses to be way smarter than you. you expect them to mentor you, impart know-hows, and watch out for you. you expect them to get mad when you screw up and to praise you when do a great job. but aside from christmas and birthdays, you don't really expect them to shower you with presents. my boss has, and she's not like that cause she's making up for her inadequacies cause she's crazy brilliant and fierce and fabulous.

{polka dots! i love dots!}

{oh, please take me places!}

thanks, boss!!!

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