Wednesday, March 09, 2011

leaving on a jet plane

on friday, i'll be on leave for my first trip of the year. compared to 2010 (where by this time i had already gone on a week-long "working trip" to bohol and had booked a flight to vietnam with friends), 2011 is a bit slow, as well as low-key. still, it doesn't make the upcoming trip to dumaguete (a place that i relate to siliman university and to that sans rival that everyone keeps on asking me to get for them) any less exciting. if at all, i'm mighty excited, as can be exhibited by the numerous shopping trips to get outfits and what nots for a four-day vacation.

let's not even begin to harbor ideas that i'll be packing light for this trip. to my mind, there's a reason why we get a 15-kilo baggage allowance.

so far, here's my stash:

1. new timex watch -- it's crazy amazing when you put your mind onto something, write it down on your "nice to have" list and then, four hours later, find something that works, is within your budget, and is almost exactly what you need/want. i say "almost exactly" cause i would've preferred this watch to be in pink, or red, or orange, or some other "hot" color. but for the price i paid for this watch, green works for me.

2. swimsuits -- these are the ones i got from bohol last year unplanned. i had packed everything (including a whole lot of shoes), only to be told by my companions that we were going to squeeze in a trip to the beach. me? i was all business -- boo! so i had to find something that was (1) within my budget; (2) fit me; and (3) something i wouldn't mind wearing again. i had lucked on this top from sassa and this bottom from speedo.

3. new outfits - i had posted about some of the stuff i've gotten (a top and shorts and two dresses in one day, and another dress on my birthday), but i haven't written about a Php250 steal from robinson's pioneer. i was early, and was killing time, when i spied this tunic/shirt/dress (i don't actually know what it is, but it's long enough to be worn as a dress. either that, or i'm just really short!) on sale. i wanted it in dark blue (slimming!) but they only had it in my size in hot pink. well, since i don't m ind the color (okay, fine, i LOVE the color), i got it. and then i told myself no more new clothes. i'm just going to be there for 4 days!!!

4. random stash -- sunblock (cause i promised frances i'd take care of my skin after that burning incident at calaguas), razor, organic shaving oil, shower gel and lotion + bath lily (birthday gift!!!). what can i say -- i'm trying to be more "girl" by being more prepared in the toiletries department.

5. banig bag -- another birthday gift. i'm not sure how serviceable this bag would be, but it's in there ... for now ☺

6. ... and the rest of the stuff: board shorts, more suits, more dresses, more tshirts and short. as it is, my little maleta is full. and i still have to fit in the rest of my toiletries, various chargers and electronic equipment, shoes, and my snorkeling gear.

how do i manage? two words: group check-in ☺

2 said hello!:

commuter said...

Number 2 looks skimpy, pero nice. hehe. Good luck and have fun!

roxy said...

hahaha :) it isn't. i don't think i have the right to wear anything remotely skimpy.

having said that, skimpy suit is hidden beneath the piles of clothes in number 6.

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