Saturday, March 05, 2011

about a lovely pink bag, neon pink nails, and tackling the 31km drive on a friday night in one hour

i really ought to be sleeping -- i'm expected to be all lawyerly authoritative with a master's in education genius tomorrow at 9 -- but before i crash, i just need to say that:

♥ winner boss came home from vacation with the perfect hot pink bag. thank goodness it was my birthday, therefore i had first dibs on bag selection (she was giving all of us bags and we get to choose which one we get). it's the perfect hot pink bag that i've always wanted, and reminded me of my last pink bag which i used and abuse till it just gave up on me.

♥ a fashion tip: never ever pick an iffy nail color if the nail salon has mood lighting. what seems to be the perfect summery pink nail turns highlighter neon pink in fluorescent lighting. crap :(

♥ while i can reasonably expect to get to work in an hour if i drive instead of take the train, getting to alabang on a friday evening in under an hour is a miracle. guess what -- tonight i experienced a miracle. and just exactly when i needed it!

goodnight universe. i have to be up early *later* and i still have to figure out whether the local mayor has the jurisdiction to appoint principals. crap. i know i'm a good lawyer and i'm a smart teacher but right now, google's the only place i can think of looking for an answer to that question.

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