Monday, March 14, 2011

there's no place like home*

i'm writing this old school -- with a bunny-tipped ballpen that i discovered in megamall years ago and have bought countless copies of since then for its smooth glide-on-paper technology. i can spy what seems to be taal volcano from the window, although i can't really say. over the PA system, they're signalling for the crew to get ready.

now, i can see metro manila's intricate road network. i've no doubt that it'll be traffic when i meet with friends in megamall and i'll probably miss the get-everywhere-in-five-minutes travel time in dumaguete. i don't care though. i'm bound for home -- where there's an SM mall every ten kilometers, where good friends are just a text away, and where it's all good. ☺

*the original post was written on a notebook as i was flying home from dumaguete

** if you actually watch the video (yes, it's a bit boring, i know), you'll notice it was a pretty smooth landing. it was actually the smoothest landing i've ever experienced, so kudos to the pilot and first officer!

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Malditang Doktora said...

i wanna see picture of the ballpen!

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