Sunday, March 06, 2011

partying ... but not really like it's the end of the world

i have a secret goto place.

once in a while, when i'd be assigned to bring food, i bring my magic goto. when K.E. got sick, i brought him ascof lagundi (yes, product placement! love my job) and the magic goto.

pazi learned all about the magic goto and started eating magic goto too. and bit by bit, i've been introducing magic goto to people. when i need a favor, i immediately offer up bottomless goto in exchange (and if you're really special to me, bottomless tokwa as well!) -- it's an offer that has been taken many times over.

so while i'm not exactly the party-throwing kind of person, the pretty invitations i got from gourdo's were begging to be used. so i said to myself, maybe it's about time i throw myself a party. i asked some of my friends if they'd be willing to go to a goto party at my secret goto place and they said yes! so my post birthday bash was on -- a bottomless goto - tokwa - mami - pares bonanza.

i tried "reserving" the place, but the girl only gave me a weird look. i then realized how it crazy it would sound to her that i was having a birthday party there so i said, "uhm, there's going to be a lot of us here later. will that be fine?" her reply? "eh di umupo kayo diyan." classic.

in any case, the party started at five and thankfully the seating area i wanted to reserve was free of other diners. people started trickling it one at a time, and since it was a self-service place, theo and KE helped me to take down orders, relay them to the counter, and serve the food to the people. needless to say (a totally unnecessary phrase, according to jason), it was a success. people ate, people enjoyed, pictures were taken, seconds were requested. so what if we ran out of goto ten orders into the party, and so what if it started raining after an hour and a half -- the goto place had the best music (which, surprisingly enough converted into 90's jologs when most of the guests left) and people were just chilling in the cool weather and warm goto/mami in front of them.

will i do it again? for P1,740 pesos to feed roughly 30 people all the goto-mami-tokwa they want to eat i would!

p.s. special thanks to super uber great friend theonoski who (1) ferried some friends from alabang to the goto place (2) brought conti's as appetizers (yes, it was supposed to be dessert but turned out to be appetizers when the orders took a while to arrive) (3) served as official order taker/waiter/busboy. i am blessed to call you friend/brother/kuya.

p.p.s. thanks to KE too for the tissue!

p.p.s. i wish i had more pictures to post, except that i forgot to bring my camera! tama ba yun? hindi. pero ganun eh.

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